Patios & Walkways

Typical Pricing
• Mortared Slate - $28.5/sq. ft.
• Mortared Flagstone - $26/sq. ft.
• Mortared Used Brick - $21/sq. ft.
• Used Brick set in Sand - $13/sq. ft.
• Pavers Set in Sand - $16/sq. ft.
• Specialty Pavers Set in Sand - $18/sq. ft.
• Flagstone Set in Sand - $20/sq. ft.
(Pricing includes all excavation, material and labor.) Specific material will vary in price. Some projects require concrete pad at an additional charge (usually $4-6/sq. ft.).

Color Options
We generally do not charge extra for different color options. “Tumbled” blocks come with an extra charge of $.5/sq. ft.

Completion Time
Most larger projects (over 400 sq. ft.) take about 1 week to complete. Smaller patios and walks can be finished in as little as two days.