Sod Care Tips

Hopefully, you decided to install your sod in the Fall months. For every hour you will spend watering/tending to your new sod in the Fall, you will most likely spend 6 times that during the Spring/Summer months. (Note: Zoysia sod is planted in Summer months)


The ground under newly planted sod needs to stay moist for two weeks. You are looking for the roots within the sod roll to permeate the ground it was laid on. This should happen within two weeks.

Just after laying the sod, give it a good soaking. Several hours will not hurt anything. For the next few days, water three times/day for 20-30 minutes (see Watering Tips to calculate your actual water output). Water in early morning, before noon, and again after hottest part of the day. Your goal is to keep the ground under the sod moist for two weeks.

After the first week you can begin to cut back on watering. Usually, 1 or 2 times/day for 20-30 minutes will suffice. The third week you might be watering 1 time/day or even 1 time every few days. This is generally in the Summer months. In the Fall months, it is possible you won’t be watering at all. Remember, overwatering is a top reason why newly installed sod dies.

Look For Signs of Life

Your new sod should begin to show new signs of life by week two. The grass will begin to turn a deeper green. It will be growing taller. If you try to pull up a piece of sod, it should be holding on to the ground with its new root system.
Your lawn should be ready to be mowed around week two. Push mow the first time you cut the lawn (no large, professional equipment).


Sod offers instant gratification. You can walk on it right away. No high traffic parties for a few months.